IBL Certification for Logo Print

FSC Certification for Logo Print

Logo Print is a certified direct-contact food packaging producer through IBL. IBL, a South African based company, specialise in a range of food safety management system audits, and have been auditing major retailers since 2000. Their world-class bespoke auditing and consultation services cover all sectors of food manufacturing and packaging, including food contact and non-food contact packaging. IBL ensures that ethical trade standards are adhered to, resulting in the responsible and safe packaging design, manufacture and supply that you can expect from Logo Print.

Why we choose IBL for our food packaging safety management audits

We take the integrity of our packaging solutions very seriously, especially when it comes to packaging for food products. As a food producer or supplier, you can rest assured that our direct-contact and non-contact food packaging products all conform to the highest standards for food safety and ethics. Our food packaging solutions are high quality in all aspects, and IBL audits our food packaging design and manufacture to ensure that the quality remains consistent with the latest food safety management system standards and best practice guidelines. Here are some of the reasons why IBL are our food safety auditors of choice:

  1. We like to support local, and while IBL are internationally recognised and service clients throughout Africa and the UK, they are based right here in Cape Town.
  2. IBL have been providing their auditing and technical support services for 18 years, showing their experience and winning formula for success in the industry.
  3. They use Sedex and SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) for their ethical auditing, which is a widely used and accepted audit methodology and report format.
  4. IBL’s consultative-based auditing is bespoke and covers customer-specific standards and frameworks.
  5. IBL are experienced in setting up niche protocols covering specialised audits to address a diverse range of brand integrity issues.

Ensuring your food products are packaged with pride

At Logo Print we believe that looks aren’t everything. While we package your product to showcase its best features in the best light, we also ensure that safety and integrity are not compromised. Whether this is by providing non-toxic cartons, creating air-sealed packages or simply making sure your product isn’t bumped, bruised, scratched or squashed, we ensure your food product remains wholesome from the shelf to the basket. Our clients, such as Woolworths, Shoprite and many of their suppliers, have come to depend not only on our quality packaging and services but our guarantee of the highest industry standards and quality.

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