IBL Certification for Logo Print

Logo Print is proud to be certified by the FSC. The FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, promotes the environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the forests of the world. They set the global standard for responsible forest management, so that when you see an FSC certification logo, you know that the product was made from timber or paper that was responsibly sourced. All our paper and paper-based packaging solutions bear the FSC certification logo. How FSC certification helps us make a positive impact Firstly, by recognising the need for......

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FSC Certification for Logo Print

Logo Print is a certified direct-contact food packaging producer through IBL. IBL, a South African based company, specialise in a range of food safety management system audits, and have been auditing major retailers since 2000. Their world-class bespoke auditing and consultation services cover all sectors of food manufacturing and packaging, including food contact and non-food contact packaging. IBL ensures that ethical trade standards are adhered to, resulting in the responsible and safe packaging design, manufacture and supply that you can expect from Logo Print. Why we choose IBL for our food packaging......

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